Art Therapy was a term first used in Britain in 1942. Since then artists became interested in using their skills with patients in hospitals and clinics. The development of accreditation at University level and above began in the 1970's, which developed professional credibility. Unfortunately today one can only obtain accreditation in Art Therapy outside of South Africa.

Art Therapy enables one to express and explore thoughts and feelings facilitated by a professional Art Therapist. The Art Therapist ensures a safe, contained and supportive space in which to work through personal issues and concerns. For many people it's easier to relate to the therapist through the art, which provides a medium for discussion and analysis. Using Art Therapy individuals may discover long buried feelings.
"It is the capacity of art to be a bridge between the inner world and outer reality which gives the image the role as mediator. The image mediates between unconscious and conscious, present and future aspects of a client." (The Handbook of Art Therapy: Caroline Case and Tessa Dalley, p 97).

Our courses and workshops are suited to all adults, including professionals, psychologists, therapists, executive housewives, educators, artists, mental health practitioners, social workers, OT's, parents and students. No art talent is required in order to benefit. The skills, tools and experiences gained by participants can be adapted to and incorporated in work spheres such as art teaching, education, running art groups, a therapuic practise etc. The course simultaneously serves as a journey for self growth, insight and personal development.

The "Intro to Art Therapy 5-Day Course" is an introduction to internationally accepted Art Therapy practice. It is the only course in South Africa that includes theory and experiential art making in the presence of an (internationally) accredited Art Psychotherapist (also registered locally with the HPCSA).

Note: Art Therapy is a Masters qualification internationally, which is either attended over 2 years full time or 3 years part time. This is why a 5-day course is insufficient to enable you to practise or register as an Art Therapist.

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Internationally Trained Art Psychotherapist

PR No. 067 000 0143162
HPCSA Reg No AT 0000469

URL: http://samanthadavis.co.za

Samantha Davis completed a Masters in Art Psychotherapy (MA Art Psych) at the University of Hertfordshire (UK) in 2000.

Samantha has run a private practice for adults, families and children over the past 14 years in South Africa. She has worked with a variety of groups and individuals. Samantha has extensive experience dealing with burn-out, anxiety, depression, emotional and behavioural problems, addiction, autism, ADHD, developmental delay, refugees, trauma, cancer patients, PTSD, CFS, HIV Aids and orphans, educators, learning difficulties and various psychiatric conditions. She has also worked extensively with the Department of Education and Department of Correctional Services.

Sam has appeared in various local TV shows talking about Art Therapy e.g. Yo TV and SABC3 and on radio interviews including Chai FM and Radio Islam and has appeared in various magazines articles illustrating the power and nature of Art Therapy.

An exciting development of Art Therapy are the Creative Corporate Workshops which Samantha has been facilitating and managing since 2005. These interactive Workshops are experientially based and profoundly useful for brainstorming, thinking 'out-the-box', enhancement of communication and relationship building within teams, reduction of stress and corporate wellness. Important clients which have benefited from these interventions include FNB, HP, Business Connexion, ABC banking, Bausch & Lomb, Travel Insurance Consultants, HKLM, BHP Billiton and more!

(See www.art-cafe.co.za for the original corporate website)

Samantha resides in Cape Town and loves yoga, meditation, sports, reading and coaches hockey. She has a great sense of passion, humour and adventure and shares this with her 12 year old creative daughter!

"Sam, you are so experienced and it is evident in your facilitation. You are really good at your job and do it with such professionalism."