What is Creativity?

Edward de Bono (leading world authority in the field of creative thinking) defines Creativity as “Bringing into being something, which was not there before."
Then he adds, "The new thing must have value.”

Creating and maintaining a balance of both work and life begins with a space set apart from everyday life whereby you can creatively reflect on and identify current work-life 'imbalances'. From this, energy can be channelled into directing 'imbalance' to 'balance.'

According to Einstein... "Imagination is FAR more important than knowledge!"

Art Therapy's unique methodology

Words can be limiting in terms of self-expression and communication. Our workshops present a uniquely developed and researched methodology utilizing practical, creative and experiential learning rather than the traditional 'learning from lecture and notes' approach.

This vastly benefits both the individual and the team in using the imagination - which stretches the mind far beyond the verbal capacity.

The workshops encompass expert facilitation in encouraging the process of generating and exploration of creative potential and integration of the practical learning within working life. Our products are selected according to your specific objectives and services required thereby maximizing corporate outcomes.

Why partner with Art Therapy?

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Enhanced team communication and interaction
  • Relationship building
  • Problem solving
  • Cultural diversity inclusion
  • Social intelligence
  • Engages employees left brain in right brain activities
  • Spontaneity, relaxation & fun
  • Self and Team empowerment
  • Confidence building, self-validation
  • Increased motivation and respect amongst team members
  • Freedom to make decisions
  • Experiment with and test out new and progressive ideas
  • Building strengths of team members

Our creative products:

Our products are selected according to your specific objectives and services required thereby maximizing corporate outcomes. Various products are available to suite your specific requirements such as:

  • Group Paintings onto mounted canvas board aligned to your teams objectives
  • Group Puzzle images (individuals collaborating into the team as a whole)
  • Ayurvedic clay (work in partners, teams or individuals)
  • Individual Mandala Workshops
  • Vision boards (Setting of team goals and reflection on past achievement)
  • Photo art therapy (using actual photos to create collages for strategy development, reflecting brand awareness and team interaction)

For more info on Creative Interventions, please click here.

Edward de Bono said “There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.”

Art Therapy workshops can be structured to fit into your schedule…

Begin with:

  • 1 full day
  • 2 x half days
  • 3 x 2 ½ hour sessions

Note that repeated workshops are more beneficial in integration and maintenance of a reduced stress working capacity.

Please email for more information and/or a brochure.

"It triggered the creative bone in my body and ideas kept coming" (Catherine FNB)

"The Art Therapy was a gentle, creative and fun way to build trust and deliver outcomes. It was enjoyable and an extremely valuable experience in our Strategy workshop”

Daniella: Business Connexion