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ALL workshops are professionally facilitated by an internationally trained Art Therapist and group specialist.

Creativity allows for active participation for all team members. Absolutely NO art experience is necessary as our workshops focus on the interactive process of creativity in teams rather than the outcome of a ’perfect’ picture!

Using the process of Art Therapy have proven invaluable for diverse team situations including teambuilding, creative coaching, work-life balance, brainstorming, stress management, conflict management, change management, strategy development, trauma debriefing to name but a few.

Much can be learnt through lectures, but greater learning is achieved through active participation of team members. Here paint, pastels, charcoal, clay, objects, canvas, puzzle pieces (etc) are combined with brainstorming, interactive team work, communication and your specific goals, strategy and objectives. All workshops are professionally facilitated by an internationally trained Art Therapist who can then explore and interpret the key experiences for enhanced team effectiveness.

Various ‘stations’ or areas are set up with different art materials.

The team works individually or in pairs – exploring the creative media. The process is fun, quick, interactive, spontaneous and non-judgemental.

Benefits: This exercise is very useful in the start of the workshop to familiarize the group with different art materials and with each other and also to relieve some of the initial anxiety around making art. FUN too!

The Circle is a natural form to work with in art because it is an important universal symbol of change throughout human history.

Each person is inspired and guided into creating a ‘MANDALA’ (circular images) using a variety of art materials and circular shapes onto a square mounted canvas board.

Benefits:Creating Mandala images opens up creativity, a particular quality everyone has. Research shows that it is hence innately known to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. FUN too!

The group is guided into the creation of coil pots, objects or containers with the tactile medium of clay.

Benefits:Clay is known for its relaxing, calming and healing properties, and ultimately de-stresses the physical body and the mind. Clay promotes engagement, interaction and visualization of ideas, and is useful for the growth of social and cultural awareness, recognition and appreciation. FUN too!

What do you want to achieve in your work (and life)?
Have you set these goals in motion?

Using pictures from magazines or photos, art materials and objects, create a visual representation or collage of items that you want to manifest, whether it be team or personal related.

Benefits:Less daunting than creating pictures from scratch. Promotes reflection especially in the beginning or end of a program, reduces anxiety regarding artistic performance. Useful for setting of goals, promotion of reflection, visualization and motivation of team members. FUN too!

Team brainstorm followed by group image onto giant mounted canvas boards. The picture can be in alignment with your team’s specific corporate objectives or goals, or just pure creativity and ‘time-out’.

Benefits:Verbal and creative interaction, communication, relationship building, developing strengths, building trust, relying on each other, team cohesion, testing out of new ideas, making decisions, visual planning and building of relationships. FUN too!

*Most popular!*

Brainstorm followed by creative thinking, planning, interaction, communication, sharing, listening, understanding and application of creativity within a team.

Benefits:Extremely motivating, dynamic, thinking out-the-box experience integrating left and right brain, team collaboration, visual planning, leadership development, building communication and enhancing team relationships. FUN too!

*Unique to Art Therapy*

How do you see yourself in your team?
How do others see you?

A creative and experiential look at your team and life! Using photos/prints of colleagues, family, friends, self - Create a visual expression of pictures and art making in a fun and interactive process.

Benefits:Networking, brand awareness, team interaction and collaboration, visualization of the future, reflection and insights of self and others, ordering of experiences, problem solving. FUN too!

Following each creative experience, voluntary group debriefing and/or discussion are optional, whereby the team has an opportunity to share or exploring images within the group, thereby promoting interaction, sharing of experiences, enhanced commination, participation and group cohesion.

A powerful & INNOVATIVE way to get to know each other in an informal, creative & permanent manner!

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