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Our courses are suited to all adults (including professionals, psychologists, therapists, executive housewives, educators, artists, mental health practitioners, parents, students etc.) who are interested in using the potential of art making in their personal lives and work. The skills gained can be adapted to many work environments. These short courses do not enable participants to practise as an Art Therapist.

No art skills or psychology background is required to participate or benefit.

All workshops may be facilitated for corporate teams, organisations and existing groups on request.

CPD points are available.

Would you like to experience more pleasure, happiness and satisfaction in your life?

Then please attend this 1-Day experiential Art Therapy workshop which focuses on bringing more positivity, fun and JOY into your world. No art skills are required to benefit from the workshop.

This workshop includes:
Experiential art making, meditation, teachings, exploration of the Art Therapy process to gain a deeper understanding and personal meaning and learning of skills. Read More...

This NEW 3-day introductory Art Therapy seminar introduces the process of Art Therapy and how it can be used for people of all ages to assist in personal growth, insight and development.

All adults, including mental health professionals, therapists, educators, councillors, coaches, students, artists etc who are interested in the field of Art Therapy are welcome to attend.

The aim of the seminar is not to teach one particular model of Art Therapy but to understand the process involved as a positive visual therapeutic tool; an open concept that can be translated and incorporated into a wide range of different contexts. Read More...

This 5-day workshop offers an in-depth introduction and opportunity to gain a deeper working understanding of the international Art Therapy training with both individuals and groups. The workshop demonstrates the powerful nature of using Art Therapy as a therapeutic tool.

NO art skill is necessary in order to benefit from participating in the workshop.

The workshop is comprised of Art Therapy literature and theory, case studies and experiential art making daily. Read More...

Refine your goals and identify your true inner voice in a guided and safe space.

This workshop is a powerful combination of Art Therapy and Coaching. All you need is creativity, imagination and dreams - no art experience necessary!

The workshopincludes creating of vision boards (a visual representation orcollage of the things that you want to have, be, or do in your life) as well asexperiential art making. Group discussions, explorations and the processing ofone’s creative self leads to reflection, insights, sharing and transformationand attaining of one’s goals. Read More...

A 10-week experiential Art Therapy journey combining art activity with introductory Art Therapy concepts.

Each week different art materials are introduced (such as paint, clay, pastels, sand etc) as a means of self expression and communiction within a group format.

Each week the group is exposed to a variety of different art mediums from which members have an opportunity to safely create and explore images and share them voluntarily within the safety of the group – thereby enabling communication, meaning, understanding, learning and personal transformation. Basic principles of Art Therapy such as the creation of a Safe Space, Boundaries, Containment, Symbol Formation, An Internal and External world and Transitional objects are explored. Read More...

Do you need an opportunity for some creative time out to relax, unwind and play? Are you continually available for your work, your family, your friends…?

This half day workshop is then designed especially for you – as you deserve some ‘me’ time! Unique special adults coming together with a universal interest in creativity, spontaneity, self reflection, self growth, healing, and indulging your inner child!

A mandala is a sanskrit word meaning 'sacred' or 'magic circle'. Psychologist Carl Jung introduced mandala's into western thought. He noticed his patients often spontaneously created circular drawings. Jung also began drawing his own mandala's in 1916 and noticed that they somehow corresponded to his inner situation, feelings, and thoughts. Jung realized that these circular drawings were therapeutic, first to draw, then to look at. Read More...

This workshop is an opportunity to acquire a gentle taste of the potential of Art Therapy in an experiential and playful manner.

The learning takes place through discussions, experiential art making and voluntary sharing (without judgement) within a dynamic group format.

Introductory Art Therapy concepts are introduced and discussed. A variety of art materials are available for experiential art making, whcih is followed by a voluntary sharing of images within the group, which leads to greater insights into the art making process. Questions are explored during the day too. Read More...

This specialized 1-day workshop explores the exciting and dynamic relationship between art and numbers in Art Therapy through both a theoretically and experientially manner.

The workshop includes theory of numbers, experiential art making, debriefing of art and numbers within a group format.

Introduction to Numerology and the meaning and potential qualities of the different numbers. An experiential exploration of the relationship between art and numbers creatively through art materials, in a non-judgmental and safe space, facilitated by an internationally trained and registered Art Therapist. Read More...

Course Full Fee Early Bird Deposit
The JOY through ART Workshop 1-Day R 1 595.00 R 1 395.00 Full Payment
JOY through ART Workshop 1½ -Days R 1 895.00 R 1 695.00 Full Payment
Art Therapy 3-Day Seminar R 4 700.00 R 4 400.00 R 1 500.00
Art Therapy 3-Day Seminar CT R 4 950.00 R 4 750.00 R 1 500.00
Art Therapy 5 Day Intensive Course R 7 895.00 R 7 395.00 R 2 000.00
Art Therapy 5 Day Intensive Course CT R 7 995.00 R 7 795.00 R 2 000.00
Art Therapy 5 Day Intensive Course JHB R 8 495.00 R 8 295.00 R 2 000.00
Coaching through ART R 2 500.00 R 2 250.00 R 1 000.00
Art as Communication (1x week for 8 weeks Am/Pm, or 4 full days in a row) R 4 700.00 R 4 500.00 R 1 000.00
Art as Communication (3 full days) R 4 700.00 R 4 400.00 R 1 000.00
Mandala Workshop R 950.00 R 850.00 Full Payment
1-Day Art Therapy Intro Course R 1 450.00 R 1 250.00 Full Payment
Art Therapy & Numerology R 1 450.00 R 1 250.00 Full Payment

I grew more than I thought possible


For the first time in my life I have discovered my true identity and can now answer the fundamental question of who I am!