Art as Communication (Cape Town)

Art as Communication 8 Week Course

26 February - 30 April 2018

Join the 8-week Art as Communication workshop for an experiential Art Therapy journey combining art activity with introductory Art Therapy concepts. No art experience is required!

A transformational journey of creativity, exploration, imagination, self-awareness, reflection, mindfulness, self-growth and development. You will be sensitized to the process and potential of Art as a means of Communication and explore your own inner world through the creative process in the presence of a qualified and registered Art Therapist.

Basic principles of Art Therapy are explored such as the creation of a safe space, boundaries, containment, symbol formation, an internal and external world and transitional objects. The focus is not on the quality of product that is produced but a process of being creative and being able to inherently create something out of nothing.

Each week, different art materials are introduced (such as paint, pastels, charcoal, clay, sand, objects etc) as a means of self-expression and communication within a dynamic group setting. There is also an opportunity to share and reflect upon the image-making process voluntarily within the safety of the group. This enables a deeper understanding of the nature of symbols and the workings of the unconscious that emerge when art is used as a bridge between the internal and external world. This is a valuable opportunity for insight, thereby enhancing self-development and personal growth as well as group interaction and interpretation. The workshop highlights the effectiveness of this powerful therapeutic medium and empowers attendees with new insight and skills both in the creative process and in life itself.

Target Audience

The course is targeted at all adults including professionals, mental health practitioners, students, psychologists, social workers, Occupational Therapists, psychiatrists, coaches, teachers and artists who are interested in and want to use the expressive potential of art-making to enhance both their personal lives and people that they engage with in work contexts.

Note: This workshop can be run for existing groups of adults, children or adolescents upon request in Cape Town weekly or over a 3-day period in other cities.

Course Details

Dates: 26 February - 30 April 2018

This course runs for 8 consecutive weeks on a Monday evening.

Times: 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Venue: Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa

Note: This workshop may be facilitated in-house and adapted for existing groups / educators / teams / organizations upon request and run either over 8 weeks or 3 days.


Full Fee: R4950 pp for 8 weeks
Deposit Required: R1500
Early Bird Special: R4800 pp for 8 weeks (bookings confirmed before 30 Dec 2017)

Medical Aid: Full course fees may be claimed back after the sessions.

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Questions or queries

Contact Samantha Davis on 083 326 6655 or

Groups: Space is limited per course so book early to avoid disappointment!

Please note that this 8-Week Course does not equip you to practice as an Art Therapist. Art Therapy is a 2 year full-time Masters training only available internationally. Following this, one needs to register with the HPCSA to practice Art Therapy in South Africa. However the skills gained by participants can be used and incorporated in many work spheres. For more info on training, go here.

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Art as Communication (Cape Town) - 26 February - 30 April 2018

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“I grew more than I thought possible.”

- Alfred -

“For the first time in my life I have discovered my true identity and can now answer the fundamental question of who I am!”

- Nonhlanhla -

“The magic that Sam unleashes through her knowledge is beautiful.”

- Charmaine -

“An inspirational, wonderful, creative self-exploratory journey, Thank you!”

- Robyn -

“Thank you for a thought-provoking and inspiring class! You are a fantastic therapist with a very caring and compassionate approach to listening! You made each and every person feel important by allowing each one the opportunity to feel safe enough to open up! Thank you for that.”

- Candace -

“Sam, you are so experienced and it is evident in your facilitation. You are really good at your job and do it with such professionalism.”

- Meryl -

“The course went beyond my personal expectations. I came thinking that we would mainly be learning about Art Therapy, which we did, but it was a big transformational experience for me which I was not expecting.”

- Megan Main-Baillie (Honours Psychology Student) -

“The Art Therapy was a gentle, creative and fun way to build trust and deliver outcomes. It was enjoyable and an extremely valuable experience in our Strategy workshop.”

- Daniella: Business Connexion -

“I didn’t realize how much I NEEDED Art Therapy. It was like rain falling on desert soil. And I have grown so much. My heart feels alive again. I will be back!”

- Heather (Owner of a Montessori Nursery School, Degree in Television) -

“It was a time to forget about the problems and the world around me. Sam is a brilliant facilitator. Even though I was nervous, it was a time for me to reflect and to enjoy how therapeutic art can be. It calmed the storm that reigned inside of me. The Mandala Art Therapy workshop is like having a picnic next to a quiet river. You granted time to reach that point where you can become quiet and can experience the Universe.”

- Anonymous -

“A very comprehensive and thorough intro into Art Therapy. Covered a lot of ground in 5 days and left with a priceless manual and a warm glow.”

- Kat -

“It was the best week of my life, I learnt that I could always be happy as long as I was in a happy and comfortable space, and if I wasn’t I needed to create that space. I learnt that I was in control and all I had to do was to take charge and have fun and paint on a bigger board i.e. see the bigger picture. I am so grateful for the opportunity that came my way and that I was able to embrace and savor it.”

- Anonymous -

Art Therapy Workshops in South Africa

Art Therapy 1-Day Intro Course (Cape Town)

1-Day Intro Course (CT)

Upon request

This one-day course is aimed at introducing you to the dynamic and exciting process of Art Therapy and how it can be applied to adults and children of all ages. An exciting combination of learning, experiential art-making and questions and answers in a group environment. No art experience required!

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Art Therapy 3-Day Seminar Cape Town

3-Day Seminar (CT)

11-13 June 2018

An introduction to the process of Art Therapy including theory, case studies, experiential art making, exploration, sharing daily plus journaling. Less intense, lighter, shorter and cheaper than the 5-Day Intensive Course.

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Art Therapy 5-Day Intensive Course (Cape Town)

5-Day Intensive Course (CT)

7-13 November 2018

5 consecutive weekdays excluding the weekend

A dynamic combination of psychodynamic and Art Therapy theory, case studies, experiential art making, journaling and reflection within a psychodynamic group environment. Beneficial for both personal and professional growth. Includes comprehensive course manual and journal.

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Art Therapy 5 Day Intensive Course Johannesburg

5-Day Intensive Course (JHB)

29 August - 4 September 2018

5 consecutive weekdays excluding the weekend

A dynamic combination of psychodynamic and Art Therapy theory, case studies, experiential art making, journaling and reflection within a psychodynamic group environment. Beneficial for both personal and professional growth. Includes comprehensive course manual and journal.

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Art Therapy Retreat - Cape Town

Art Therapy Retreat (CT)

2-4 February 2018 or 9-11 February 2018 TBC

Dates TBC (only 1 date will be run)

A weekend of experiential art-making, creativity, reflection, sharing, self-expression, learning, connection to self and other like-minded people, walks in nature, delicious vegetarian food. The retreat will be particularly helpful for adults who long to make significant life shifts and for adults who feel drawn to make a difference in the world by using their innate creative gifts. Optional extra: massage and yoga.

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Art as Communication 8 Week Course

Art as Communication (CT)

26 February - 30 April 2018

(This course runs for 8 consecutive weeks on a Monday evening.)

A hands-on experiential art making workshop and exploring of images within a group format, whilst introducing basic Art Therapy theoretical ''concepts''. Various art materials are used as a means of self-expression and communication.

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JOY through ART Workshop

Joy through Art 1-Day Workshop (CT)

Upon request

A light, fun experiential workshop that gently taps into your innate creativity and focuses on accessing mindfulness, joy, wellness, stillness, gratitude, meaning and laughter through the creative Art Therapy process.

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Art Therapy Vision Board Workshop - Cape Town

Vision Board Workshop (CT)

Sun 28 Jan or Thurs 1 Feb 2018

A combination of colour, pictures, words and Art Therapy techniques to identify, explore and creatively set goals for 2018. Lay the foundations for the New Year! No art experience required.

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Mandala Workshop

Mandala Workshop (CT)

Thursday 9 August 2018 (National Women's Day)

A Mandala is a Sanskrit word for a ‘sacred’ or ‘magic circle’. Mandalas have been used for centuries in meditative and creative practices. This half day workshop is designed to help you relax and unwind and get into a space of being in the present moment through art, visualization, letting go in order to access a spontaneous, innate creative place within yourself. A real treat!

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Art Therapy in Education

Art Therapy Workshops for Educators

Upon request

Tailor-made Art Therapy workshops for groups of educators, art teachers and councillors working in school settings. Choose from a 2 hour mini-workshop or a 1-Day Art Therapy workshop...

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Art Therapy for Corporates

Creative Workshops for Corporates

Upon request

Tailor-made for organisations and corporate settings! Various creative interventions available, which encompass a uniquely developed and researched methodology utilizing practical, creative and experiential learning rather than the traditional 'learning from lecture and notes' approach.

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