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Internationally Trained & Registered Art Psychotherapist

Art Therapy Registration Number: AT 0000469
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Practice Number: 067 000 0143162

Samantha Davis has an Undergrad degree in Psychology and then completed a Masters in Art Psychotherapy (MA Art Psych) at the University of Hertfordshire in London in 2000. She then returned to South Africa and underwent conversion examinations in order to register with the HPCSA of South Africa to practice as an Art Psychotherapist in the country.

She has operated a private Art Therapy practice for professionals, adults & children in both individual and group capacities for over 22 years in South Africa. Sami has worked with a diverse range of people including adults who struggle with stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, wanting a life-change, life purpose or to develop coping and life skills etc. She has worked with children with ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, refugee children, emotional and behavioural difficulties, physical disabilities, trauma, HIV/Aids and orphan kids, underprivileged children, orphanages and children with autism. Sami has worked in psychiatry and addiction including eating disorders with adults and teens.

Sam has also worked extensively running groups and workshops with the South African Department of Education, including Educators & Government Officials working with children with HIV/Aids and within Inclusive Education, as well as Correctional Services and support workshops and trauma debriefing within various departments. Sam also supervises practitioners such as therapists and councillors in their own clinical practice.

Sami facilitates private Courses & Workshops for adults and corporates for both personal and professional growth in Cape Town & Johannesburg, as well as for existing groups in other cities. Sam combines her psychodynamic Art Psychotherapy training with an eclectic combination of Journey Therapy, archetypes, numerology, meditation, coaching and mindfulness.

An exciting development within the scope of Art Therapy is the Creative Corporate Workshops which Samantha has been facilitating and managing since 2005. These interactive Workshops are experientially based and profoundly useful for brainstorming or thinking 'out-the-box', strategy development, teambuilding, change management and instilling mindfulness within teams. All team members can participate in these creative workshops and no art experience is required. Benefits include enhanced communication and relationship building within teams, reduce stress levels and create an overall sense of corporate wellness. Important clients which have benefited from these interventions include FNB, HP, Business Connexion, ABC Banking, Bausch & Lomb, Travel Insurance Consultants, HKLM, BHP Billiton and more!

Sami also gives presentations and talks for woman, charities, conferences and groups on leadership, creativity, mindfulness and living authentically. Sam has appeared live on various local TV shows talking about Art Therapy such as Yo TV, SABC 3 and on radio interviews with stations including GoodHopeFM, Chai FM and Radio Islam and has appeared in various magazines articles over the past 2 decades illustrating the power of Art Therapy. (See www.art-cafe.co.za for the original corporate website)

Samantha resides in Cape Town and loves being in nature, walking,  yoga, meditating, reading, the sun and swimming in the sea. She has a great sense of passion, humour and adventure and shares this with her daughter, rescue dog (Shala) and forever kittens (Jung and Jane). Sami loves creating new workshops, in fact she dreams about potential new options all the time — so if you have an existing group of people either privately (a milestone birthday or event) or in the workplace, she would be delighted to create and facilitate something just perfect for your needs! 😊

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“I grew more than I thought possible.”

- Alfred -

“For the first time in my life I have discovered my true identity and can now answer the fundamental question of who I am!”

- Nonhlanhla -

“The magic that Sam unleashes through her knowledge is beautiful.”

- Charmaine -

“An inspirational, wonderful, creative self-exploratory journey, Thank you!”

- Robyn -

“Thank you for a thought-provoking and inspiring class! You are a fantastic therapist with a very caring and compassionate approach to listening! You made each and every person feel important by allowing each one the opportunity to feel safe enough to open up! Thank you for that.”

- Candace -

“Sam, you are so experienced and it is evident in your facilitation. You are really good at your job and do it with such professionalism.”

- Meryl -

“The course went beyond my personal expectations. I came thinking that we would mainly be learning about Art Therapy, which we did, but it was a big transformational experience for me which I was not expecting.”

- Megan Main-Baillie (Honours Psychology Student) -

“The Art Therapy was a gentle, creative and fun way to build trust and deliver outcomes. It was enjoyable and an extremely valuable experience in our Strategy workshop.”

- Daniella: Business Connexion -

“I didn’t realize how much I NEEDED Art Therapy. It was like rain falling on desert soil. And I have grown so much. My heart feels alive again. I will be back!”

- Heather (Owner of a Montessori Nursery School, Degree in Television) -

“It was a time to forget about the problems and the world around me. Sam is a brilliant facilitator. Even though I was nervous, it was a time for me to reflect and to enjoy how therapeutic art can be. It calmed the storm that reigned inside of me. The Mandala Art Therapy workshop is like having a picnic next to a quiet river. You granted time to reach that point where you can become quiet and can experience the Universe.”

- Anonymous -

“A very comprehensive and thorough intro into Art Therapy. Covered a lot of ground in 5 days and left with a priceless manual and a warm glow.”

- Kat -

“It was the best week of my life, I learnt that I could always be happy as long as I was in a happy and comfortable space, and if I wasn’t I needed to create that space. I learnt that I was in control and all I had to do was to take charge and have fun and paint on a bigger board i.e. see the bigger picture. I am so grateful for the opportunity that came my way and that I was able to embrace and savor it.”

- Anonymous -

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