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How to Deal with Frustration in the Art Therapy Process

Written by Samantha Davis

Creative time should be fun and easy, right? But what happens when it doesn’t turn out nicely? When busy with a creative project, have you ever felt stuck or blocked, as if you’ve hit a brick wall, and can’t continue? Have you found yourself saying “I can’t do this” or “I am outta here”? Have you noticed self-criticism coming up, or feelings of anger, frustration, distress or exhaustion?...

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Conscious Endings

Art Therapy: Thoughts About Conscious Endings

Written by Samantha Davis

Guess what - the end of 2018 is clearly approaching fast! For many people, endings can bring up a combination of feelings, associations and expectations regarding the festive season. There may be apprehension or excitement, relief or overwhelm or even dread around end-of-year arrangements and relationships with family and friends, or being alone at this time. We spend a lot of our year thinking,...

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Art Therapy and Mindfulness

Art Therapy and Mindfulness

Written by Samantha Davis

There has been an increasing ‘’awareness’’ (excuse the pun?) and interest in Mindfulness over the years. I for one strongly believe in it and try to incorporate it into my life as much as possible. I meditate daily, try to slow down, be conscious and present in doing one activity at a time. But having said all that, what exactly is Mindfulness, Mindful Art and how do you actually do it? Have...

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The Healing Power of Art

The Healing Power of Art Therapy Samantha Davis

Written by Samantha Davis

How does Art Therapy actually ‘work’ you may wonder? “Does the client arrive and just you tell them what to draw?” is a question that I often get asked. Well actually, quite the opposite! I provide a safe space whereby clients can use the room and art materials in whatever way they want. In psychodynamic terms, I work ‘non-directively’ with adults and children, meaning that I allow and...

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